Hummmmmm While You Hit

March 22, 2015


I was recently working with a college hitter in the batting cage to “smooth out” her swing. Her mechanics are solid, but she has a tendency to force the bat into the ball with her arms and wrists, instead of letting it happen naturally with the powerful rotation of her body.  When she does this, her […]

Hitting With Torque Goes Global

March 1, 2015

0 recently provided a detailed summary of the traffic for Hitting With Torque in 2014.  To my surprise, people in 71 countries visited the site to read my thoughts on hitting.  This trend appears to be continuing and expanding. I am really intrigued by the international interest in baseball and softball hitting.  I often answer […]

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Let The Game Come To You

February 17, 2015


“One of my favorite sayings in sports and in life is “Let the game come to you”.  Simply put, this means “Don’t force things—Be patient—Don’t try too hard.” Sometimes, the best strategy is to slow down and allow the natural forces around us to provide guidance when we have a big decision to make or when we need direction to […]

A Hitting Lesson From Cavemen

February 1, 2015


  Successful baseball and softball hitters use a concept first discovered by the earliest humans…Leverage. Here is the definition of a “lever“…“A rigid bar that pivots about one point and that is used to move an object at a second point by a force applied at a third point.” I’m not a physicist, but I’ll try to translate this definition […]

The Dominican Natural

January 21, 2015


He has never had a hitting lesson.  His baseball shoes are sandals. He has never seen a baseball game on television. He practices on a patch of dirt surrounded by tiny homes in a village that is lost in the middle of a sea of sugar cane. He plays baseball all day and often into the night. His swing is […]

Softball, Baseball, and Mission in the Dominican Republic

January 11, 2015


I recently had the privilege to travel with the Wheaton College Softball Team to the Dominican Republic for a week of softball and mission work.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip that made a huge impact on me as a coach and a person. Day One After a long day of travel, getting acclimated to our new […]

2014 Hitting Year In Pictures

January 1, 2015


I received positive feedback from the “2013 Hitting Year in Pictures”, so I decided to do it again. Hopefully, you can get the “hitting message”, just by looking at each picture.  If not, check out my posts from this past year. Happy New Year!      


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