The Dominican Natural

January 21, 2015


He has never had a hitting lesson.  His baseball shoes are sandals. He has never seen a baseball game on television. He practices on a patch of dirt surrounded by tiny homes in a village that is lost in the middle of a sea of sugar cane. He plays baseball all day and often into the night. His swing is […]

Softball, Baseball, and Mission in the Dominican Republic

January 11, 2015


I recently had the privilege to travel with the Wheaton College Softball Team to the Dominican Republic for a week of softball and mission work.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip that made a huge impact on me as a coach and a person. Day One After a long day of travel, getting acclimated to our new […]

2014 Hitting Year In Pictures

January 1, 2015


I received positive feedback from the “2013 Hitting Year in Pictures”, so I decided to do it again. Hopefully, you can get the “hitting message”, just by looking at each picture.  If not, check out my posts from this past year. Happy New Year!      

A Holiday Hitting Surprise–“The Torque” Returns!

December 26, 2014


Back in 1991, it came to me—I figured it out—It hit me like a 100 mph fastball to my head. I immediately knew that I discovered a way to help baseball and softball players hit with more power and consistency.  All they had to do was make a small, but important adjustment. I taught this new swing to hitters for a few years, and after […]

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Zepp—Analyze Your Baseball/Softball Swing

December 13, 2014


While in southern California on business, I decided to visit the Baseball Winter Meetings that were being held at the Hyatt Hotel in San Diego.  Just standing in the hotel lobby was like Disneyland for someone who loves baseball like I do. I observed some of the most famous players and coaches walking around, greeting one another, and sharing stories, […]

Don’t Get Elbowed Out Of Hitting Power

November 23, 2014


I see it over and over again! As hitters begin the swing, the back elbow quickly caves into the body, which forces the hands to drop and causes the angle of the bat to become flatter. Then, the arms try to get the bat back on the right path, but it’s too late—full extension and optimum bat speed are […]

How Fast Is Your Baseball/Softball Swing? (REVISED)

October 5, 2014


As promised, after measuring the bat speeds of dozens of grade school, high school, and college hitters over the past year, I can now update and clarify some of the information from my previous post. Here is an updated summary of bat speeds for baseball and softball hitters: ———————————————————————————————————– Grade School Baseball Hitters: (40-60 mph) […]


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