Michelangelo’s David Would Have Been A Great Hitter!

April 6, 2014


On a trip to Italy last week, I had the privilege to view Michelangelo’s David in the Accademia Gallery in Florence.  This was my second opportunity to examine and appreciate this famous work of art. On both occasions, I was struck by the athleticism of David, which is the topic I would like to explore.  If you are an art lover or […]

Baseball Or Ballet?

March 16, 2014


After a long offseason of tee work, front toss, and batting practice, baseball and softball hitters around the country are finally facing live pitching in games.  Hours upon hours were spent working on every aspect of the swing—a solid stance, a slow and powerful load, swift rotation of the lower body followed by the upper body, […]

Tryout Tips For Hitters

March 3, 2014


Early March is tryout time for many high school baseball and softball teams around the country.  For freshman hitters and their parents, it can be a time of great stress.  Even upperclassmen can be stressed out by tryouts if they are trying to secure a position on the varsity.  Here are a few tips that should help when it is time […]

Stop Trying For More Power

February 24, 2014


When I measure the bat speed of a hitter, I ask them to take a few swings in front of my Swing Speed Radar.  Without exception, the highest reading occurs within the first five swings.  After the first few swings, human nature takes over and hitters “try” to increase their bat speed.  Their muscles tense up, […]

How To “Fix” Your Swing During A Hitting Slump

February 16, 2014


With the college and high school baseball and softball seasons beginning, now is the time for all the hard work in the offseason to pay off.  Confidence levels are high and everyone is anxious to begin the season on a hot streak.  The truth is, over the course of a long season, all hitters will experience inconsistency and most will […]

Hey! Where Ya Going?

February 10, 2014


Here is a simple tip for baseball and softball hitters that will help turn weak hits into powerful ones.  STAY IN THE BATTER’S BOX UNTIL THE SWING IS COMPLETELY FINISHED! I was recently watching game videos of one of my college softball hitters, in order to compare her batting cage mechanics and her mechanics against live pitching.  After analyzing a […]

A Small Adjustment Can Make A BIG Difference

February 2, 2014


I recently observed a talented college softball hitter going through some drills in the batting cage with her father. They were working on a drill they referred to as the “Barrel Drill”, which is very similar to the “Half Swing Drill” I use with my softball and baseball hitters.  Basically, she stops her swing just after the moment of […]


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