Celebrities Pay RE2PECT To Derek Jeter In Viral Ad

July 16, 2014


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Carson will always love our Boys in Blue, but he’s got a soft spot in his heart for the great Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter. Jeter’s baseball career comes to an end this season and celebrities have come out in full force to honor the…

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Hitting Ugly

June 7, 2014


I look forward to the high school and college playoffs every year to see the best hitters on the best teams. What always surprises me are the home runs and extra base hits by hitters who have swings that are not very pretty, especially softball players. I can often be overheard questioning my television…”How the heck did THAT ball leave the […]

Success Is On-Deck

May 23, 2014


Whenever I sit near the on-deck circle at a baseball or softball game, I enjoy watching hitters go through their unique rituals before entering the batter’s box. Some practice their entire swing, while others focus only on a small aspect of their swing. Sometimes, these swings look very unorthodox and nothing like their game swing, which I don’t quite […]

Alex Hugo—Must See TV

May 10, 2014


I was recently doing some work on my computer with a college softball game on television in the background.  When I heard the announcer introduce Alex Hugo of the University of Georgia as “one of the leading home run hitters in the country”, my attention shifted from my computer screen to the game.  As Alex stepped into […]

Touching Them All

May 3, 2014


I love it when the human Spirit overshadows a game that seemed like the most important thing in the world.  Sportsmanship and Character….pass it on.  

Picture “Perfect” Swing

April 27, 2014


I am often asked to evaluate the swings of baseball and softball hitters by analyzing hitting videos.  I use a video analysis app developed by Ubersense, which allows me to break down swings in super slow-motion. When I review my findings with players and their parents, I can use drawing tools to illustrate areas that need improvement.  No matter how good the hitters are in […]

The Sweet Smell Of Hitting Success

April 19, 2014


The use of performance enhancing drugs has plagued the game of baseball over the past decade.  Players who were looking to gain an advantage turned to illegal substances to help them throw the ball faster or hit the ball harder and farther.  Many players were exposed as cheaters, which sullied their reputations and negated their achievements.  If only they knew […]


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