Zepp—Analyze Your Baseball/Softball Swing

December 13, 2014


While in southern California on business, I decided to visit the Baseball Winter Meetings that were being held at the Hyatt Hotel in San Diego.  Just standing in the hotel lobby was like Disneyland for someone who loves baseball like I do. I observed some of the most famous players and coaches walking around, greeting one another, and sharing stories, […]

Don’t Get Elbowed Out Of Hitting Power

November 23, 2014


I see it over and over again! As hitters begin the swing, the back elbow quickly caves into the body, which forces the hands to drop and causes the angle of the bat to become flatter. Then, the arms try to get the bat back on the right path, but it’s too late—full extension and optimum bat speed are […]

How Fast Is Your Baseball/Softball Swing? (REVISED)

October 5, 2014


As promised, after measuring the bat speeds of dozens of grade school, high school, and college hitters over the past year, I can now update and clarify some of the information from my previous post. Here is an updated summary of bat speeds for baseball and softball hitters: ———————————————————————————————————– Grade School Baseball Hitters: (40-60 mph) […]

Hitting In Circles

September 21, 2014


When I work with new hitters, one of the most common hitting flaws I observe is a linear hand path that is not conducive to power and consistency.  Many of these hitters were taught incorrectly to keep their elbows and hands close to their bodies during the swing. Unfortunately, this causes them to “push” the bat to the […]

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Ruy Martinez—“Big” Power Hitter!

August 22, 2014


I love the Little League World Series!  I love Ruy Martinez! Like last year, some of the best hitters in the 2014 Little League World Series are on the team from Mexico.  One of the “big” hitters on the Mexican team is Ruy Martinez, a 4′ 8″ second baseman.  Ruy may be the smallest player in […]

Take A Break!

August 15, 2014


I have received several Emails recently asking why my last post was in back in early June.  My response is simple…..I wanted to take a break for the summer. Believe me, I have much more to say about hitting, but sometimes it is good to take a break, even from the activities we enjoy. Taking a break […]

Celebrities Pay RE2PECT To Derek Jeter In Viral Ad

July 16, 2014


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Carson will always love our Boys in Blue, but he’s got a soft spot in his heart for the great Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter. Jeter’s baseball career comes to an end this season and celebrities have come out in full force to honor the…

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