What is a “Duck Snort”?

July 26, 2015


Baseball and softball have a rhythm. Part of the rhythm is the constant chatter by players, coaches, announcers, and spectators.  No other sport in the world has a language that artfully describes the game and those who play it. I have found that using these words and phrases can be an effective way to coach, teach, motivate, and […]

The Grind?

July 19, 2015


I read a review in the Wall Street Journal for a baseball book titled, The Grind, written by Barry Svrluga.  The review by Will Leitch describes The Grind this way…”Mr. Svrluga, who covers the Nationals for the Washington Post, looks at the toll that the every-day-for-six months-with-no-days-off pace takes on all sorts of people associated with the […]

Finding The Right Bat

July 9, 2015


I am frequently asked to recommend bats for baseball or softball hitters.  I rarely recommend a particular make or model, but I do provide my opinion on the size and weight that would be most appropriate. It should not be a surprise to anyone who subscribes to this blog that the primary determinant in choosing the right […]

Get A Grip

June 29, 2015


“Line up your knuckles!” Every time I hear a hitting coach give this instruction, I shake my head.  When this advice first became popular, I was confused.  Which knuckles should hitters align?  We all have three (3) sets of knuckles on each hand—the base knuckles, the middle knuckles, and the top knuckles. This means there are […]

Hands Back……Don’t Push!

June 18, 2015


As I was watching batting practice at Wrigley Field before the Cubs played the Cincinnati Reds, Todd Frazier caught my eye.  Frazier is the hot hitting third baseman for the Reds, who is currently on pace to hit 50 doubles and 50 home runs this season. What struck me was the position of his hands at set-up, just before he initiated his swing. […]

Kasey Cooper—Must See TV

June 5, 2015


The NCAA women’s college softball playoffs are always a showcase for a national television audience to see some of the best hitters in the country.  This year, as soon as I saw Kasey Cooper of Auburn University hit, I knew I needed to review her hitting mechanics on this blog. In 2015, Kasey was recognized as a First Team […]

Barn of Dreams

May 28, 2015


I’m not sure what it is about Iowa, but I seem to be inspired whenever I visit this great state. After visiting the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa back in 1991, an idea struck me out of the blue. It was a simple adjustment that is now the basis for the hitting mechanics I have taught to baseball and […]


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