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If you have a question about baseball or softball hitting or would like to suggest a topic, I can be contacted at

Remember, the purpose of this site is to inform not to debate.  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Contact the Author

  1. Dan Wall

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your thoughts and find them very educational. I am a coach at the high school level and have struggled with teaching hitting to my players. I hope and plan to incorporate your lessons through tis blog. could you send a hitting plan or is there one on the site. I have seen the blog starting with observation. Any info that could help would be greatly appreciated. I was going to inquire about the possibility of hiring services, but see that you are not necessarily interested in that at this time. If you change your mind my program would be interested. we are located in Wisconsin.

  2. Mandy Langford

    I have been researching a technique to help my daughter age 14 with her fastpitch hitting. She’s been playing the game since she was five. Her father pitch in the minor league or the Mets Organization for three years. We have found out of all the different hitting philosophies that she excels more from the traditional baseball swing which is what we have been teaching her. For a year we had her taking softball hitting lessons from retired professional softball player . She had different teaching techniques and changed some of her mechanics . What is your thought on a softball swing versus a baseball swing? Her travel softball coach said she has one of the best swings he has ever seen. However she is has recently been having issues at age 14 of translating that swing when she gets into a live game. I have read your articles on the inner game and I think some of these techniques will definitely help with her mental game. I myself played college basketball which is a sport that relies on adrenaline. She told me that she gets too excited during a live game and just wants to hit the ball. I feel like the mental aspect of the game is holding her back from being a truly great athlete. I would like to send you a video of her swing and see if there are any adjustments you would make or any other tips you have or keeping her calm and relaxed when she gets into a game situation. I like the quote getting out of your own way. Thanks for your time.

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