Learn to Hit with Torque

Over 250 pages of hitting theory and first person experiences
Eight easy to understand hitting keys
Increased bat speed and power immediately
New and fun mental hitting strategies
For baseball and softball hitters alike

Paul Petricca

25 years of baseball and softball coaching

Welcome to my website Hitting with Torque. Whenever you visit, I want you to be able to read my Blog for my thoughts on baseball and softball hitting, along with other relevant topics. You can also learn about my first book, Hitting with Torque: For Baseball and Softball Hitters and find it at your favorite online bookstore. More importantly, I hope this site enhances your love for the game!

After of lifetime of refining what and how I teach hitting to baseball and softball players, here is Hitting with Torque: For Baseball and Softball Hitters. I promise you will find new words and new pictures that will result in dramatic improvements for hitters of all ages. Please click on the book cover or other links to learn why this book is like no other book ever written about hitting and how to find it at your favorite online bookstore.

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Check out my baseball and softball hitting blog! Topics include hitting instruction, fun drills, interesting tips, and other timely baseball and softball stuff.

The One Thing (For Baseball and Softball Hitters)

July 9, 2018

As we move into another high school and college baseball and softball offseason, I now encourage my hitters to work on the one thing during the summer that will have the most positive impact on their power and consistency.

The Results Are In…Bat Speed Wins Again

May 23, 2018

In my book, Hitting With Torque: For Baseball And Softball Hitters, I describe how in a very short period of time, the

Hitters Should Never Be Satisfied

April 23, 2018

Many baseball and softball hitters believe incorrectly that as soon as the season begins, all the hard work on their