Paperback – Going Going Go – Signed




Elaine and Ricky are minding their own business during batting practice at their home field when they are swept up to another world by a strange wind. That’s when their adventure begins.

After landing in the coolest ballpark they have ever seen, Elaine and Ricky discover they are not alone. When a friendly green ballplayer named Sam approaches them holding a glowing bat, they learn he wants them to teach him how to launch a ball into space.

In this fun story with out-of-this-world illustrations, readers will be touched by the relationship that develops between these ballplayers from different worlds. They will also learn the fundamentals of the baseball and softball swing to send balls to the stars until they are Going, Going, Gone!



My hitting keys are easy to understand and simple to learn. Hitters who learn to hit with Torque will dramatically and immediately increase bat speed, power, and consistency. You will also be surprised to learn new mental techniques that are as effective as they are revolutionary.

Paul Petricca



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