2013 Hitting Year In Pictures

I have written thousands of words to describe my thoughts on hitting since this past May.  Instead of more words, I will let a few pictures reinforce my thoughts on hitting for baseball and softball players.

Happy New Year!

Logan loadSaraTori-extensionRyanLeighOlympic extensionPosey Bat PositionPatrick Kane45 degree angleJake Bat AngleAlienSarahPosey LoadIowa HillsAndre PathCabrera finishBaseball BrainDavid-ortiz-batters-boxnicloe paulyBreathingRespect The GameSam-TorqueLanieCal RipkenRiding on the baseballTornadoWashington High Schoolsoftball conditioninglightning boltgriffeyTiger_s_2009_SwingRick-ExtensionCabrera CrushbalanceSara loadBautista LoadManny Bat Postional-dilzRadar

HS heroes 2clemente

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