2018 Hitting Resolutions

2018 Hitting Resolutions

Here is an updated list of 2018 New Year’s resolutions for baseball and softball hitters:

I will…

  • only work on hitting mechanics that can be measured to increase bat speed and consistency
  • never try to pull an outside pitch
  • use my time in the on-deck circle wisely and with purpose
  • trust my hitting mechanics in games because I worked so hard to perfect them in practice
  • send a clear message to the pitcher by taking control of the batter’s box
  • hang around with my batting tee as often as I hang around with my friends
  • be humble and appreciative when I’m on a hitting streak
  • try to learn at least one thing from every unsuccessful at bat
  • remember that physical conditioning is not more important than working on my swing to increase power
  • avoid swinging at sucker pitches (curves, sinkers/drops, rises, and change-ups) with less than two strikes
  • only take hitting advice if the instructor can clearly describe the benefits of any new adjustment to my swing
  • finish my swing completely before leaving the batter’s box
  • learn when to swing for the fences and when to swing for my team
  • become a “student of the game” by studying why the best hitters are successful
  • build confidence by visualizing the desired outcome before and during every at-bat
  • focus less on my average and more on being better than average
  • “pay it forward” by finding ways to give back to the Game
  • respect the Game in everything I do and say
  • wake up every day giving thanks for the ability and opportunity to play the Game

If anyone wants to contribute other hitting resolutions, send an email and I will add the best ones to this list next year.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Love seeing good men with a passion for the game giving back. Paul is just that kind of leader.


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