Sundays, Softball, and Spirituality

More and more youth sporting events are being scheduled on Sundays, which makes this a very relevant topic. I think this is a balanced view of the dilemma facing parents, young athletes, and churches.

The Pondering Preacher

DSC_0278Let me begin by saying parenting is hard.  Anybody who says otherwise simply is not a parent or they are doing it wrong.

Thus when I see an article about parenting written by a parent who is trying their best to “bring up a child in the way he should go” I am very reluctant to judge and critique because, like I said, parenting is hard.

That being said, I’ve noticed a trend in the sharing of a few articles that have been brought to my attention by good Christian friends who happen to be good parents as well that disturbs me.  The theme of the articles is kids playing sports and how to juggle the obligations of being on a sports team with the obligation of living life with the spiritual family we call church.  The overall tone of the articles has been one of balance while trying to…

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