Viewing Softball Skills Videos at the Field with QR Code

This is a great idea for high school baseball and softball players seeking college scholarships. I would assume many video companies are offering this service.

college sports exposure

The number of softball teams are exploding.  Marketing is essential for college coaches to find a softball player in this maze of so many teams and players.  Filming a QUALITY softball skills video is the first step of your marketing plan.  College Sports Exposure has filmed 1000 softball skills videos since 1998, so their video is always a QUALITY video.

The second step is to get the video to the college coach.    What better time for the college coach to view your softball skills video and on-line player profile than at the softball field where the college coach just watched you made a key play.   Your name is in the coaches mind, so you want it to stay there!

College Sports Exposure has developed technology to allow a college coach to view your softball skills streaming video and on-line player profile from their cell phone or lab top at the softball field or back at…

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